you’re only as old as you blog

lotta people getting owned lately

wait i had something for this

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Just read a post by youngmanhattanite that bashes Chicago. Most of what was said has been true in my experience. However it also perpetuates my belief, New Yorkers love New York like a Nicholas Sparks novel, obsessively. #BorderlineUnhealthy

Dip it in brunch.

Hey genius, don’t forget to log out at the genius bar.

have you guys gotten a load of the current shit

explain why the internet is better than tv you can’t

everything i say sounds cooler when i’m young manhattanite 

i’d better not wake up tomorrow

ah fuck garbage i am still glogged into this

must not make music reference and thereby reveal self

have we really not unfollowed everyone yet, for shame

krucoff when is next shabbos

google where buy illegal drugs

this was unfunny even before i posted it

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