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Shabbat Solidarity Potluck Dinner at #OccupyWallStreet


FRIDAY, SEPT. 30, 8PM | ZUCCOTTI PARK, NYC (Meet at steps on Broadway side)

Shabbat is a rejection of commerce, capitalism & exploitation: A day free from work, from business transactions, from handling money. As the Old Testament says, “And you shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt. Therefore the Eternal your God commanded to keep the Sabbath day.” Whether or not one is religious, this statement reverberates with profound meaning for those who recognize the need for working class people to have a reprieve from their labors – but more so, from their exploitation at the hands of others.

As an expression of solidarity with those protesting on Wall Street against the excesses and corruption of the financial elite and against the slavery the upper classes have foisted upon working and unemployed people alike, members of the Jewish community are banding together to hold a Shabbat potluck dinner at Zuccotti Park this Friday night.

Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to be Jewish to participate. But please try to keep the food vegetarian or kosher-by-ingredient (no pork, shellfish or milk & meat together).

Sign up to bring food and supplies here!

Finally, an occupation that Jewish progressives can get behind! FOYM Dan “Mobius” Sieradski is organizing. We’ll be there.

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