Hi. This is Nate Hill writing to you. What I have compiled for you here is a transcription and commentary on over 600 tweets from the New York City on-going Mr. Dropout street performance art project. I wanted to provide you commentary and reflection to many selected tweets from Mr. Dropout’s twitter from June 19th, 2010-Sept 16th, 2010. I think you’ll find the tweet by tweet background I provide interesting even if you’re not an “art person.”

I know what you’re thinking.. This is insane. I agree. But it’s an important document and I’ll tell you why. A journey took place here that I needed to share with the public. It started back in June with just an idea, and a nagging thought drawn on a piece of paper and kept in my pocket, but it led to a full blown obsession that changed my life. Having tracked every step of the way, these tweets and commentary illuminate a special artistic journey that I wanted to share with you.

I’m sorry for the obnoxious length of these three posts, but I really want you to walk in my shoes from the beginning of the project to the present, so I’ve provided you the original tweets and new commentary written exclusively for YM unedited in three posts… Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Things to know:

Mr. Dropout began humbly but eventually developed into three parts- (1.) A man dressed like a shapeless, characterless fencer who walks around New York City soundlessly on three routes (2.) A twitter that simultaneously compiles the possible new identities that this man could become (3.) Missing person posters with pictures of Nate Hill, me, claiming him to be “Missing from the NYC art scene.”

In the commentary below, I refer to “Arika” a lot. She is my girlfriend. This project, and my obsession with it, put a great strain on our relationship as you’ll see from reading.

This is chronological from my first tweet as Mr. Dropout in June to the present month. Not all tweets are commented on. When they are, the commentary appears after “Now:”

"Then:" means that it is the original tweet.
“Now:” means that it is my present day commentary.

This will either be riveting or a cure for insomnia…

Part 1: Mr. Dropout tweets and commentary from June 19th, 2010-July 26th, 2010:

Please proceed to Part 2..

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