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If you believe in Progressive Judaism and envision an Israel that matches your values, you have to attend this.

Oh, do they support the right of all Palestinians to return to the homes where they were pushed out in 1947 by a UN/US/Zionist land grab? Or do they oppose it, on the grounds that “Israel isn’t going to commit suicide” lol (i.e., no longer be able to impose a preferential Jewish government on a minority that is too small to contest it, with lavish immigration assistance, tax subsidies and water rights for Jewish settlement while the growth of Arab communities is suppressed — all the while letting that minority vote, since it’s harmless, in order to be able to claim to be “the only democracy in the Middle East”)? Very “progressive.”

If they support the archaic, untenable and doomed vision of a state dedicated to a particular ethnic group, New Israel Fund doesn’t particularly match my values.

They support things like civil rights for Arabs in Israel, economic equality for all Israelis, religious pluralism within Jewish contexts, and a wide range of civil society initiatives. They were the targets of a witchhunt last year by the “Im Tirtzu” organization, maybe you heard of that “scandal” — one or two of their fundees was not considered “pro-Israel” enough by the far-right, and NIF was called treasonous, etc. It was shocking, like Move On risking becoming illegal in this country. So NIF is on the front lines of keeping Israel from becoming a fascist state. Seriously. Does the fact that they believe in a Judaism that questions its extreme elements and doesn’t give in to supremacist jingoism make you uncomfortable? Go fuck yourself.

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