For about 3 hours yesterday morning, I went into full obsession mode over Ryan Adams. Up to that point, I only knew him as the loose-boarded alt-country-whatever musician (later, Lindsay assured me that he does indeed have some cred with certain music snobs) who dated Parker Posey and has a song called “Goodnight Hollywood Blvd” because it was on a Songs About California mixtape someone gave me. But then I came across this one which I think I heard in a bar once and made a soon-to-be-forgotten mental note to find out who it was. Lyric-googling, wah-lah! Derivative (what isn’t?) or not, it’s a great tune. So I feverishly read all the Gawker/Jossip stuff I ignored in the past and man, he takes the batshitcake and snorts the lit candles. (In some hopeless endgame values offsetting program I’ve imposed on myself, I had to make a $100 donation to Save The Music afterward.) But now - NOW - he ups and quits his precocious-for-a-33-yr-old Tumblr?? Damn dude, I was hoping you would follow us.

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