The Art of Misquoting (2012) by Nate Hill

#longreads, #noreads

Paddy Johnson, editor/critic New York art blog, Art Fag City
Nate Hill, independent artist

Assumptions 1-5:
1. Validation from the Art World is important for an artist to pursue.
2. My work is worthy of Art World validation.
3. Art critics are among the gatekeepers of this validation.
4. Art critics should put an artist’s work in context, but the context should be fair.
5. I am never going to get Art World validation.

Synopsis 1-6:
1. Objected on two occasions (2011-2012) to my coverage on Art Fag City.
2. On Art Fag City, my work was misrepresented here and reduced there.
3. I made my objections known publicly here and in the comments section there.
4. In November 2012, with an abbreviated quote on Twitter, I intentionally misrepresented the words of the Art Fag City editor, and she responded with distaste.
5. She noted that I took her original words out of context and ordered me to “fix the quote or don’t use it.”
6. I refused on grounds that I was misrepresented twice already by Art Fag City and continued misquoting her on Twitter after.

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