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Haikus that accurately describe dating in New York.


I like your face. True!
But I am wounded from a
lot of past bullshit.

“Obama!” “Romney!”
Hey, remember that? That took
up a lot of months. 

I will work at the
Trader Joes just to save cash
to buy you brunch, girl.  

Oh god we are
turning into our parents.
Oh woe is us all.  

Can I buy you a drink?
A ring? A future together?
Sorry I am drunk.

Cool blog. I mean, not
really. It is just reblogs
of Daily What.

Reading meaning into
trivial bullshit while truth 
goes past you like bus.  

Sometimes you’re Lenny
from Of Mice and Men and you
just like rabbits, George.  

Oh you know someone
who works in Social Media?
Never heard that one.

What does it all mean?
What is up with all this stuff?
I mean, honestly.

Can we extend the ban on dudes writing about music to EVERYTHING?

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