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Something to keep in mind:

When a NY daily tabloid runs a wrenching, macabre, suspenseful, or otherwise attention-grabbing picture on the front page, it’s about as much “in the public interest” as American Idol is. Our “local” media serves a regional area where we’re outnumbered 4-1 by suburban slobs who are spoiled and arrogant and stupid, and they also serve a global audience where we are the ants in the most entertaining ant farm ever built. It’s almost laughable that anything that happens, for example, in the city council ever makes it to print. It’s like broccoli served to a pack of dogs. 

So, you know, when some poor slob dies and they make hay of it, and then they claim that it’s “journalism”, then you’re the world’s biggest chumpy asshole to carry that argument over and pretend that they really, really are not trading in human suffering to make a cheap buck. Have a quarter, go buy a clue.

The newspaper managers & owners will be the first against the wall etc.

Oh I’m sorry did I interrupt your cute animal parade? I hear there’s a baby seal at Buttfeed today

So OK you’re 100% right about the dailies but the bolded is not an especially good look, particularly given that there is a huge gross new york exceptionalist myth that is perpetuated by new yorkers, not just tabloids and “suburban slobs.” It could be my chicago inferiority complex talking, but hang on no it’s not, I can’t even keep that fiction up til the end of the sentence.

Remember broccoli blogging?

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