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Fambly’s “Terrible Two”-Year Anniversary Show is tonight at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre plain. Old friends and new friends alike, it would mean a whole lot if you’d come watch and laugh with us. I really love these old so-and-so’s, and we’ve a TBS very funny show on deck for you. 9:30PM, $5 or FREE for sketch students. There’s always some standby tickets, too! 

Sam West (The Onion) directed us this month, and our show is written by Georgie Aldaco, Madalyn Baldanzi, Colin Elzie, Patrick O’Brien, Jason Shebiro, and Ben Wietmarschen. Starring Dan Black, Zach Broussard, Bridey Elliott, Mamrie Hart, Veronica Osorio, and myself.

Thinking about taking a UCB sketch class just to write a one man show for Dan Chamberlain as the Nazi Megazord.

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