OK, now THIS is ancient blog history. The Gawker orbit in 2003-04 was a weird one, full of sparkling transient miscreants who you befriended, respected and were disgusted by all at the same time. Yeah, not that much different than today. So who emailed me today? Matt Harvey. (No, not Haber.) The name might not mean much to you, and it didn’t to me, but perhaps ANONYMOUS OUTSIDER does? Still no? Fine, move along.

He was a fixture, as much as one could be in Denton’s then sparsely furnished loft, on the scene and got his share of linkage: Gawker and Defamer, for example. (I said linkage!) There’s more but you get the point. And here he is on the right behind a row of Lindsay, Eurotrash and Maccers. (This is where Drunk John Carney and I would bore you with the same stories we tell every time we’re together but space limitations will stop me now.)

Now if you ever thought AO was a little “strange” perhaps his reemergence in this week’s New York Press will provide some answers. Dude was a full on junkie. The David Carr kind. At least he never slapped us around or left us in the car.

I remember this one time talking with him and Elizabeth Spiers at Tribeca Hotel (there’s an unholy trio) and he told me not to be so obvious about certain things. Ain’t that some shit?

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