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Screeching Weasel - “A New Tomorrow”

Backing vocals: Blake Schwarzenbach, Cassandra Millspaugh and Joey Vindictive

From the album insert (not lyrics):

"A new cause for cancer is found everyday, along with a new tip for prevention. Cellular phones, an apple a day, oat bran cereal - how safe is your microwave… IT’S A LITTLE TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. The road to self-reliance is paved with paranoia; the sensory overload takes its toll and reduces us to flopping dying fish until someone takes us by the hand and leads us off to a safe place: school, church, the good job, the new car - places in which we can comfortably exist while our identities wither and die. The images still flash and pound but we’ve grown accustomed to them and they don’t bother us as much anymore. We make selective purchases and increase our comfortability in tentative increments, blissfully unaware that we’re spending more and more time at the office and less and less time at home in front of the big screen TV. The lies we’ve told ourselves are now reality: consumerism, politics, religion. These are the symptoms, not the problem. The Anthem For A New Tomorrow is empty sloganeering, another headline no-brainer. Hollow like almost everything else. When we learn to figure out what’s real and honest, when we can act ethically not in order to gain a potential ticket to heaven but to free our minds from the score keeping, paranoid, isolationist theories of life we’ve been taught, when we learn to do instead of killing time with drugs, god, television, empty relationships and clawing our way to the top of the shit heap, that’s when we’ll wake up from the American Dream, and maybe then we’ll see a NEW TOMORROW."

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