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I’m Cleaning (internet) House


If anyone wants more twitter followers I just cut loose about 1 million of them when I deleted my Twitter account.  That’s right.

I woke up this morning and had a realization that none of this is necessary at all.  Honestly I already knew it just like all of you know it…but today was different.  I got out my laptop like I do everymorning, opened it up and checked me email and all my social networking sites…and I felt sick doing it.  Angry. I opened Twitter and saw that my friend had something witty to say about BP.  Then I opened Facebook and saw the exact same message from the exact same friend…Yet, if I delete this friend from one of those sites they will fucking cry to me like a baby - “Why did you unfollow me???”  Unfollow you?  What the fuck does that even mean?  Why the hell was I even following you to begin with???  You’re my friend, so let’s hang out in real life.  Tell me all your witty observations in person.  Let me see what you’re doing rather than fucking having to read about it.

I’m not mad at my friends and I’m not mad at the fans who were following me.  Everyone has been awesome.  I just feel like there’s more to life than telling a million people that I’m going out to buy shoes.  Everyone needs to care more about the fact that people are starving around the world and the ice caps are melting and care less about Lindsay Lohan’s jail sentence.

Go outside you guy!

Now imagine your job is all about the Internet/social media (for a non-profit even!), you kinda hate it (the Internet part) but you don’t really have any other viable options at this point in your career. What to do? Thank god for mood-altering drugs, legal and otherwise.

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    Whenever i feel like that, I deactivate my accounts and just spend days and days thinking “I’ll never go back.” And then...

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