Glenn Greenwald, just warming up:
About all of this, Ambinder writes:

Does an afternoon of leisure with senior administration officials violate journalistic ethics? To many, the self-evident answer is: “Absolutely.” I have a different view, although perhaps it’s a way to rationalize my own decision to attend the Bidens’ first beach party for journalists… .

Yes, “perhaps.” I personally don’t think that these types of interactions “violate journalistic ethics” because I don’t think such a thing exists for them. Rather, all of this just helpfully reveals what our nation’s leading “journalists” really are: desperate worshipers of political power who are far more eager to be part of it and to serve it than to act as adversarial checks against it — and who, in fact, are Royal Court Spokespeople regardless of which monarch is ruling. That’s why they’re invited into the heart of Versailles to frolic with the King’s most trusted aides: it’s their reward for loyal service as Court courtiers. Just marvel at the self-abasing joy in which Ed Henry wallows by virtue of getting to play water sports with Emanuel and the Bidens. He sounds like a gushing pre-adolescent who just met his favorite boy band idol and got his water gun signed. Digby asks, quite rhetorically: “do you think this sort of thing makes it easier or more difficult for journalists to maintain their independence?”

Photos from the YM Seder. Of note: 1) The Brisket Matzo-Taco Bar was a hit, again. 2) This was Gabriel Snyder’s first Seder. 3) Lock and Carney were the surprise guests, timed “perfectly” to arrive when I “opened” the door for Elijah. (They were my back-up plan when Death Bear was unavailable.) 4) Eli did another bang-up job leading the service, balancing no less than 4 Haggadot for a well-rounded presentation that included J Street’s four questions, and Foster’s Hebrew (he was the child who would not shut the fuck up) wasn’t half-bad. 5) Bitter herbs. 6) Oh, and Maura couldn’t make it because she had to recap American Fuckin’ Idol.

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