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as is my custom i cried on the plane (more on that later, it has to do with the weather), then at the end of the flight the pilot made an announcement: “be sure to take all your personal problems and personal property with you.”

Malaysia Airlines passenger’s partner says she’s certain her soul mate is alive



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You have probably heard of the Ohio Cub Scout leader who was forced to resign for being a lesbian. My brother recently shared this with his 7-year-old son who, in addition to being in the Cub Scouts, has a friend with two lesbian moms which required its own explanation a couple years ago. Now, my enlightened nephew reacted to the latest news by telling my brother this: “Dad, we have two choices. Plan A: We ask the Cub Scouts to change their mind. Plan B: We quit.”

Quick update on this situation. They tried Plan A and no surprise, ended up with Plan B. An excerpt from a correspondence with David Burke, Communications Specialist for the Boy Scouts of America:

"I’d like to briefly address your request to change BSA’s membership policy. This is a complex topic and the BSA recognizes the diverse views and depth of genuine feeling on this matter, within and outside the Scouting community. Further, we understand that not everyone will agree with any one position or policy on this topic. The debate on homosexuality is a societal issue on which we as a nation do not agree, and I believe both sides of this issue feel passionately that they are doing the right thing. With this in mind, the BSA maintains that its program is not the appropriate forum to discuss and debate one’s sexuality. After much research and discussion with individuals inside and outside BSA, our leadership has elected to maintain this policy because they think it best serves the organization and allows Scouting to most effectively accomplish its mission, but it is not meant to stand as a commentary outside the Scouting program."

My brother responded:

"Thank you for your note. However, I am very disappointed in the content. Your explanation is shallow justification for an outdated policy. I find it interesting that the Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts are one of the few youth oriented organizations that still discriminates based on sexual orientation. It’s unfortunate that your organization cannot follow the example set by the Girl Scouts of America and allow gays and lesbians to serve as leaders and members. The Girl Scouts have the same "character development and values-based leadership training" as the Boy Scouts, however, they manage to do it while being inclusive. What a pity that your organization actively excludes members and leaders to meet these same goals.


For the reasons listed above, my family and I are disassociating ourselves from the Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts and will never again support your organization unless your policy changes.”

On a positive note, some of the other families in their troop joined the boycott and they are forming their own "indie scouting” group.

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“Sixty-one percent of paid interns working at for-profit companies received a job offer; only 38 percent of unpaid interns working at for-profit companies did. And paid interns netted higher starting salaries.”

— That’s Jean Chatzky, writing in Newsweek, on why students shouldn’t take unpaid internships. (via newsweek)

That’s former YM paid intern Christian reblogging Newsweek. Chatzky is right, don’t ever take an unpaid internship. It cheapens you and the job market.

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The Magician: A Gathering
We’ve just launched YM+1 Personals. It’s real simple: Meet here. Any night. Don’t talk.

The Magician: A Gathering

We’ve just launched YM+1 Personals. It’s real simple: Meet here. Any night. Don’t talk.

91st and Lexington

91st and Lexington

Glenn Greenwald, just warming up:
About all of this, Ambinder writes:

Does an afternoon of leisure with senior administration officials violate journalistic ethics? To many, the self-evident answer is: “Absolutely.” I have a different view, although perhaps it’s a way to rationalize my own decision to attend the Bidens’ first beach party for journalists… .

Yes, “perhaps.” I personally don’t think that these types of interactions “violate journalistic ethics” because I don’t think such a thing exists for them. Rather, all of this just helpfully reveals what our nation’s leading “journalists” really are: desperate worshipers of political power who are far more eager to be part of it and to serve it than to act as adversarial checks against it — and who, in fact, are Royal Court Spokespeople regardless of which monarch is ruling. That’s why they’re invited into the heart of Versailles to frolic with the King’s most trusted aides: it’s their reward for loyal service as Court courtiers. Just marvel at the self-abasing joy in which Ed Henry wallows by virtue of getting to play water sports with Emanuel and the Bidens. He sounds like a gushing pre-adolescent who just met his favorite boy band idol and got his water gun signed. Digby asks, quite rhetorically: “do you think this sort of thing makes it easier or more difficult for journalists to maintain their independence?”

Finally made it to Aaron Cometbus's Book Thug Nation in Brooklyn on Sunday. He was there at a table with a calculator, ledger and money box, reading a book while a Ronnie Wood solo album played on a record player in the corner. As much as I wanted to say a million things to him, I bought a copy of Operation Shylock and kept my thoughts to myself. His hands are enormous.

Their happiness was a disguise, less than spycraft but more than medication. Music filled the room but little else. Social metrics were converted to unrecognizable units. Soon the conversation turned to cat pictures on the Internet.

Their happiness was a disguise, less than spycraft but more than medication. Music filled the room but little else. Social metrics were converted to unrecognizable units. Soon the conversation turned to cat pictures on the Internet.

Photos from the YM Seder. Of note: 1) The Brisket Matzo-Taco Bar was a hit, again. 2) This was Gabriel Snyder’s first Seder. 3) Lock and Carney were the surprise guests, timed “perfectly” to arrive when I “opened” the door for Elijah. (They were my back-up plan when Death Bear was unavailable.) 4) Eli did another bang-up job leading the service, balancing no less than 4 Haggadot for a well-rounded presentation that included J Street’s four questions, and Foster’s Hebrew (he was the child who would not shut the fuck up) wasn’t half-bad. 5) Bitter herbs. 6) Oh, and Maura couldn’t make it because she had to recap American Fuckin’ Idol.

(I like Big Star and I live for the “Shots Fired” meme. Fuck you, Bizarro YM.)

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Jawbreaker- Jinx Removing

I love you more than I ever loved
Anyone before, or anyone to come.

I love it when a band writes a single with as much substance as any of the deep cuts.  Actually, there is a very large part of me that thinks this is the only kind of song a band should write.

“How about we make it 5 minutes long so people mistake it for deep cause it’s broody?”

“Nah Brah, let’s pack so much thought into it that it feels like you’ve been confronting every demon you’ve ever had for 10 minutes straight even though it’s only 3 minutes long.  Also, let’s make it funny so that the sad is there but not overwhelming.  You know, like when you use whiskey shots to down your medicine!”

Just realized that you were somehow unfollowed though surely it was not intentional. It’s been fixed now and it’s a pleasure to have you back in our dashboard.

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